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Dentemax oral health for all that Melissa mentioned is a great place to start for us to start collecting those stories so .

legislators and also the media and really build this momentum around the legislative effort next slide Melissa also mention the medically necessary

dental advocacy that is going on and as she noted this is a kind of small way of adding some dental coverage under the Medicare program so this is

really administrative advocacy not as much legislative we’re really working with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services in the Health and

Human Services agencies to expand the scope of when Medicare can pay for dental services that are integral to an underlying medical condition or

procedure so we think that CMS already has the authority to do this and that they’re just interpreting their own rules in a way that’s too narrow so we want them to expand their interpretation on to include coverage and

medically necessary situations so to give an example you have an individual who is in a car accident in which the jaw was broken and several teeth were lost so meta you go into the hospital you have all this work done

including reconstruction the jaw but Medicare is now refusing to pay for the extractions of teeth that were necessary and the crowns to save the

teeth that have been dated and it had been damaged we’re saying that know that that those extractions and those crowns should be covered by Medicare because we’re really it’s really integral to the underlying medical

condition or procedure that was taking place so it is narrow but it is a really important way to expand coverage for people to which the situation applies so there’s a lot of advocacy going around on this and Families USA and all of

us have been trying to engage folks in this so over organizations have signed on to a community statement for CMS to change interpretation of the policy so if you haven’t done that please get in contact