u will get ride off tooth pain

This is an awful large Tooth pain area to pave well he’d be able to pave a portion to use and as long as he doesn’t use the unpaved portion with us if we allow .

Tooth pain

This SUV and that way he can you know finances why is he crazy he can’t have any parked

vehicles or an unpaved property gotta be paid but but if he if he corrects this paving makes it look nice it’s in compliance he can use

The front part for his parking yes and then he gets more clients and he needs to push back another   feet he can go across right he can’t potentially do

that it would have the ever proved over from the engineering department to do that he may also want to have a structure on here keep in mind this is just

this application process today is only for the SU P he still has to apply for a building permit crop so he has to submit the plan for the paving and any

building that he may have on site is not going to be covered by this su P nicefast I’ll get approval for that and PSalso had a drainage plan right right

yeah that’s correct okay any other questions for we go to the public hearings oh that’s right we have a public hearingI’m sorryI usually we

usually ask questions I’m Going to open I was public hearing is there anyone who likes speak for or against the specific use permit you’re on the shelf item first I would like to ask you