seems like dental insurance no waiting period is not reliable anymore

dental insurance no waiting period know just how important this is so what’s happening right now is it weird towards the end of our .

dental insurance no waiting period

legislative session statutory German is June teent our bill is actually still in committee right at .

The moment it’s likely to come out any day now we are fiscal know that they originally had put in place which was way over estimated it was a

range of like nine to nineteen million dollars was ridiculous has been reduced based on data that we helped found we worked with the person does the fiscal note to talk to them about things that they should keep in

mind and we expect that that fiscal notes going to get reduced down to about six well it is down to about six million dollars in the second year of the biennium and we actually probably won’t have a cost in the first year of

the biennium because the bill is going to further get amendment amended during this process to not go into effect until July st of next year for a variety of reasons that we think are for the best to give time for proper

implementation so right now we’re kind of waiting to see we have hopes that it might get into the budget but our budget process like.

I’m sure all of yours is really complicated and we don’t know if that’s going to work out we are hopeful we know our sponsor clearly cares about this and he’s chair of