real truth of ameritas dental

ameritas dental something together for the sake of putting something together ameritas dental I’m only gonna do it if I know it’s good initially I was thinking about full weekend events full weekend retreats but.

I think that in order to be able to develop really stellar material I’d like to start with one day and then escalate up to a weekend event from there when

I do host weekend events the first one is going to be in Rhinebeck New York the reason I’m saying this is because I already have local organizers on the ground in all three of those locations San Diego Austin and Rhinebeck New York

I already have locations or tentative tentative list of locations scouted for both Austin and San Diego and I have a firm location in place for New York and so all the pieces are in place the only thing that is missing is that I I

want the space to think deeply about the content because the socializing the meeting others like that’s gonna happen no matter what that’ll happen over

Meal times that’ll happen in small group discussions and so how do we FEMA the day how do we develop interactive games and exercises and

Workshops that can really make you wiser when you walk out the door then you were when you walked in once I gained some clarity around that piece

The puzzle I’ll be ready to launch and that’s the reason why you know initially we were going to try to host these as early as this summer as early

As the summer of but I think that in order to do the event justice I need to spend the rest of this year going to other fire events with an eye towards what can I take from