beast insurance is humana dental in usa

Humana dental is used to give u a amazing idea that’s what that meant yeah yeah I was in our office recently and they’re FMX was FMS and i kept looking at the account in

The screen going okay what is this FMS what is this FMS and it finally dawned on me but you know imagine if i’m.

A new employee would take me a couple hours before I can even get up to speed you know maybe I’m too shy to ask a question right and the combination between.

The front in the back and you had a good point early on when we talked about this the more we can work together to communicate and use eagle soft between .

The front in the back the better it’s going to be if the back has one way of doing things in the front has.

A different way than we’re like working in two different environments instead of working together yeah y

We know one of the great things also is and I’m sure you’re a proponent of this is having the photos of the patients in your system and a lot of times those things if falls through .

The cracks because patients come in and they don’t want to take a photo you know they came to the dentist before they go to the hairdresser and

They don’t want to get a photo taken well one of the things I’ve always done is actually scan driver’s licenses and what that allows me to do and I know

There’s some risk management things that we have to talk about when we’re doing that but I always did it even if I crop it down to just the photo anytime you go to .

The physician they’re gonna ask you for your driver’s license your insurance card and your co-payment before you even go back to see the doctor so .

Why won’t we do that in dentistry you know my key to it is and I tell people all the time my first name is Tony and not Andre so if you’ve got my ID you can get.