That Insurance makes a big difference yep and there’s no running back from the front to go hey what did you guys complete today

I think it responsibility to make sure the right things get walked out or posted to walk out from the back yeah and this ever comes up blank there’s no checks

We know that there’s some issue that’s happening with a timeline in the back and a lot of times it is just like you saw if somebody doesn’t save it before they do .

That the walk out before they bring the patient ups and we realize there’s an issue and that’s a big thing so when they’re doing it they’re gonna they have to make sure .

They hit safe exactly yeah and and I’m you know maybe it’s just my OCD but I tend to hit save almost every time I go through anything here I just continue to hit save as.

I go because that also skews up things so that the front can utilize it so can we talk a minute about for hygiene because that was always an issue where did .

The hygienist do fluoride did they do x-rays did they which doctor did the exam so same thing in the back for hygiene yep so let me grab a I’m gonna go back here I’m going to grab another patient somebody who .

I know it doesn’t have as much junk in their charts let’s go let’s see that appropriate on YouTube I hope so he assured us so actually we could use his first guy he doesn’t have much in his chart so let’s do.

This and let’s say this guy is actually scheduled because he has nothing here so let’s actually schedule him for a new patient exam so we’re going to propose .

These things that we would typically do in a new patient visit all right now the patient comes in and here is the