3 Easy Ways To Make ameritas dental Faster

All say for ameritas dental our office and as we’ve talked before for an office is kind of that loose term you know and one office you do this at another office you do .

ameritas dental

There’s really clear-cut boundaries but I love that you said you wanted control what types of things did you like to have control over and what was kind of your niche in .

The front office you know I really found that it was important and fun for me to handle the started off with the treatment planning getting the benefits entering into the computer accurately and printing out treatment plans.

That are as accurate of estimate as possible so that the patients have a really good idea of what their out-of-pocket cost will be prior to getting the treatment .

That’s kind of where I started with organizing treatment plans and putting them together with the best benefit so that the people would have you know got information for their for their care and then it kind of moved to the other side after.

A little while it became apparent that submitting those claims to the insurance company and getting the payment isn’t as easy as it’s all as it should be you know you don’t invite it on the paper mail it in and get the money back so .

I started learning more about that and now here we here we are I love it I love it so much and Sarah you came into my life and a totally random way I was looking for.

We were looking for a hygienist I want to say we were looking for somebody to join our consulting team and I believe it was a hygienist in